Organization Information

Who to Contact

When reaching out to Rigs & Coffee organization or if you have been contacted by Rigs & Coffee please make sure you are speaking with Jacob, David, or Bernie who are the owners of the organization. Rigs & Coffee has multiple other individuals on the team who work on specific locations but all contact is set up through one of the three individuals above first.

Raffle Items & Donations

Our policy is that Rigs & Coffee does not reach out to business for raffle donations. All donations are made by businesses offering their products to give out to the community free of charge with no prompting.

Organization Information

We are a not for profit organization. All our events are free and open to everyone. We are family and pet friendly.

Legal Information

We are a registered organization “Rigs & Coffee, LLP”, which is a legal entity. We reserve all rights to,, and We reserve all rights to our logo and all logos that are designed using our name or any variation of. We reserve all rights to any content we publish or any content produced involving Rigs & Coffee organization, including but not limited to the events, trips, and trainings. Please contact us for any other information.

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