Lubbock, TX Team


The Rigs & Coffee Event is led by Tom, Cody, and Patrick. They’ve wheeled in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, and all over Texas and continuously seek their next adventure.

Tom: @onward_overland

Tom has a true passion for the outdoors and has lived and explored in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and now Texas. While living near Moab, Utah, Tom was immersed in the offroad culture and found himself on many well known trails and remote areas helping friends with their tire shop and with search and rescue missions along with being a wildland firefighter.

Cody: @wanderingtexxan

Cody is an adventure and travel photographer originally from Fort Worth. He has been in the off-road community for 5-6 years now with my Jeep JKU as well as Racing down in Baja in the Mexican 1000 for the past 3 years, running the chase and pit crew for a trophy lite race truck.


Patrick has been restoring and modifying vehicles for 35 years and off-roading for over 20. He’s lived in Texas most of his life and hope’s to have many more adventures.

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