Bend – Lost Forest Trip

Overland Destination: Lost Forest

On October 19th, Rigs and Coffee will be leading an overland excursion to the Lost Forest area outside of Bend, Oregon. We will be meeting at EarthCruiser HQ at 10am for the briefing. Departure time is 11am. We ill have four guides on the trip so if you are just getting your feet wet or an experienced overlander, this trip is for you. 

Limited spots available – email us at to register

  • Rigs and Coffee will only be 1 hour on Saturday October 19th
  • Plan is to brief the group, and be on the trail by 11am
  • Trail has some moderately technical terrain for the first few miles, then will turn into a wider dirt road track
  • 4×4 and AWD is mandatory, and we will be airing down tires (bring an air compressor if you have one)
  • Our final destination is the Lost Forest, where we will set up camp (we should arrive at camp around 4pm)
  • The total distance from EarthCruiser to camp is approximately 100 miles
  • There will be 4 experienced guides to help the group move along
  • We will be camping close to the Christmas Valley sand dunes, and if you wish to drive your rig on them you must have a sand flag mounted 9’ in the air, and purchase an OHV permit for your rig (
  • Some beer will be provided, but bring your own food. 
  • There is no water at the camp, so please bring enough for the day/night
  • The trail run ends once we get to camp, how you decide to get home is up to you but there are paved roads giving you quick access (2 hours) back to Bend
  • Summer Lake hot springs are only about 30 minutes away for anyone wanting to soak and camp there for the night
@w3st_bound and @boundarylesstraveler plotting the course

New to Overlanding – here’s what you can expect

Overland Critical Thinking

What to do when Sh*t hits the fan

The amazing feeling of being out on the trail; no people, no service, no noise. We all love it and it keeps us sane. However great those feelings are, there is always the thought at the back of our minds…what would I do if the worst were to happen? 

There is no denying that what we enjoy doesn’t have some level of danger associated with it. Our journeys take us to some of the most remote and inhospitable places around. The further we get from civilization, the better we feel, the freer we are. 


So, how do you reconcile with the danger to enjoy the expedition? Knowledge. 


That is why Rigs & Coffee have teamed up with Cody, Xpedition America,  to bring you a hands-on training course so you know what to do when things don’t go as planned. Join us at Front Runner Outfitters in Agoura Hills, CA on September 28th from 10-12 for this unique class. 

If you don’t know Cody, he is a USMC veteran with over 20 years of navigation experience. During his time as a Marine, Cody led vehicle navigation while riding point. In addition to being a US Marine, Cody trained the Mexican Marine Corps in navigation. Currently, Cody leads live overland based classes on Instagram and adventure trips through the American Southwest.


Learn more about Cody here – @xpeditionamerica

Backroads to Breweries

Rigs & Coffee has teamed up with the Montana Brewer’s Foundation, the Montana Outdoors Foundation, and Philipsburg Brewing Company for the first ever Backroads to Breweries trip. These trips will focus on using backroads to explore the outdoors in the Montana area.

The first Backroads to Breweries event will take place at Philipsburg Brewing Company located in Philipsburg, MT. Nolan Smith, co-owner of Philipsburg, will be leading a group of 20 Rigs on a 2-hour tour of the backroads leading from the Springs Brewery location. We will be visiting various mines and ghost towns along the way. This event is limited to 20 Rigs so make sure to register ASAP.

Click Here to register for the event.

As always, make sure to bring adequate recovery gear to include tools to air down/up, two straps, and jack. Please be sure to pack enough water and snacks. Lastly, please remember to bring a first aid kit.

Feel free to message us directly with any questions – Contact Us

June Events

Rigs & Coffee has expanded to multiple locations. Here is our list of events for the month of June.


Time: 10am – 12pm
Click on banners for additional information

June 8th –
Portland, Oregon – Wanderlust Overland

June 15th –
Bend, Oregon – EarthCruiser Headquarters

June 15th –
Lubbock, TX – Fly Wild Outfitters

June 15th –
San Diego, CA – Auto Anything

June 22nd –
Agoura Hills, CA – Front Runner Outfitters

Trips –

June 29th – 30th
Big Bear, CA

Education: GAIA Training

Our April meet brought out over 60 individuals looking to learn more about GAIA Navigation from a highly qualified navigation expert;

Cody aka: Xpedition_America

Cody is a USMC veteran with over 20 years of navigation experience. During his time as a Marine, Cody led vehicle navigation while riding point. In addition to being a US Marine, Cody trained the Mexican Marine Corps in navigation. Currently, Cody leads live navigation classes on Instagram and many events as well as adventure trips through the American Southwest.

Make sure to follow Cody and if possible, join in on many of his weekend adventures – Learn more by Clicking Here

If you were not able to make it to the training or are looking for a recap on what was covered, we have assembled the following video for you.

Explore more in Education Here

Discount on GAIA Navigation Here

Rec-Con Montana – 20% Off Tickets

We have teamed up with the Montana Outdoor’s Foundation and RecCon Montana to bring you 20% off to the RecCon Montana convention July 19-21.

RecCon Montana will be the first event of its kind to bring together all aspects of outdoor recreation; Overlanding, Fishing, Hunting, Hiking, Conservation, and more. The event will be held at historic Fort Missoula in Missoula, Montana. If you have never been to Montana, you have no idea what you are missing. The Missoula area is home to some of the best trails and trout fishing in the country; if you’ve ever watched an X-Overland video then you’ve seen the beautiful trips they take throughout southern Montana.

Join Rigs & Coffee along with other exhibitors at RecCon Montana. Meet and greet with great retailers and recreational experts during the day and camp with us during the night. RecCon Montana promises to be an amazing event and a great experience!

To purchase tickets visit
20% off Discount Code: RIGSCOFFEE



Portland Meet – May 11th

Rigs & Coffee has officially expanded to Portland, Oregon. Home to great music, great beer, and an expansive landscape to travel, it wasn’t going to be long until we added a Portland meet. Please join us for the first ever, Rigs & Coffee, in Portland.

Rigs & Coffee will be hosted at 4 Wheel Parts in Tigard, Oregon on Saturday, May 11th, from 10am – 12pm. Immediately following Rigs & Coffee, the team will be heading to the PDX Overlander’s Vendor Fair at Migration Brewing in Portland.

The Rigs & Coffee Portland team is headed up by Ian & Cameron.
Ian – instagram: iansosmart
Cameron – instagram: pdx.taco

Gear Review: Camp Chef Summit

With numerous choices, a wide range of costs, and personal preference…how can one possibly choose a stove. For many us, it is trial and error run to finding the right setup. However, in this review, we will try to provide enough of an opinion to help you decide if the Camp Chef Summit is the right stove for you.

How We Use It

After having run a twenty year old Coleman stove until it finally gave out it was time for an upgrade. The Camp Chef Summit was the replacement chosen and after a year, it keeps burning strong. The Summit offers one of of the highest BTUs on the market; two 20,000 BTUs/hr burners. This translates into a quick heating ability for making everything from coffee to pizza to steak.

A primary factor in a stove in addition to heating ability is the ignition switch system. This is one of the only stoves left on the market that still offers a turn style ignition system instead of a push button. Why is turn-style ignition important? We are usually lighting these stoves on a camping table or a tailgate making for a less than stable stand. Pushing a button to light may cause the stove to slip off its platform resulting in your eggs on the floor and a broken stove. The turn style ignition system is a much safer option and may just save your bacon.

The Summit has a nice latching system to ensure locked closure and an optional carrying case to keep your car clean during transport.

– Very reliable
– High BTU burners
– Turn knob ignition
– Dual burner

– Price $159.99 (add $15.00 for case)
– Fuel knobs are a bit weak

After testing the Camp Chef Summit for over a year in varying conditions, elevations, and temperatures, we expect this to stay in our arsenal for the long run.

View this post on Instagram

Gear Review of the @campchef is live on our website! . . ⛺️ ☕️ . – Community | Events | Trips | Training – —————————————— [Team] @AmericanOverlandVehicles @MilkTeacoma @Overland_Squirrel —————————————— ⬇️ Southern California ⬇️ —————————————— [Team] @Mountain.Man.Travels @TKM_Adventures —————————————— 🗓 4th Saturday every month @FrontRunnerOutfitters 🇺🇸 Showroom —————————————— ⬇️ Portland, Oregon ⬇️ —————————————— [Team] @pdx.taco @iansosmart . —————————————— 🗓 2nd Saturday every month 🇺🇸 Showroom —————————————— ⬇️ Bend, Oregon ⬇️ —————————————— [Team] @boundarylesstraveler . —————————————— 🗓 every month @EarthCruiser_hq 🇺🇸 Showroom —————————————— #rigscoffee #rigsandcoffee #rigsncoffee #frontrunneroutfitters #wanderlustoverland #earthcruiser #explore #overland #wanderlust #adventure #expedition #letsgoplaces #wayalife #overlanding #jeepmeet #truckmeet #toyotameet #training #events #bend #pdx #portland #jeeplife #yotamafia #socal #losangeles #overlander #ventura #sanfernandovalley —————————————— Rigs & Coffee, Rigs and Coffee, Rigs N Coffee —————————————— 🎥 Subscribe to our @YouTube Channel! —————————————— See us at @recconmontana #rcmt19 @mtoutdoorsfoundation

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Rig Spotlight: The_Startrek

A man looking to clear his mind, a mind that has a love connection with Subaru. Chad loves being outdoors and loves Subarus. So when it came time to select his weapon of choice, a Crosstrek found its way into the garage. Join us in this week’s Rig Spotlight, as we showcase Chad’s 2014 Crosstrek.

instagram: @The_Startrek

Why do you overland?
I overland because it’s a great hobby that allows you to clear your head

What’s your background?
23 y/o dad learning how to build my own rig as I go

Where are you from?
NEBRASKA where I help rep the Mtn Roo Nebraska crew

Most important thing you have learned?
It’s better as a group

Tips for people just getting into Overlanding?
Getting stuck is half the fun

Make/model of rig?
2014 Subaru Crosstrek Premium

Why did you choose that rig?
Huge Subaru fan, wanted something unique

Upgrades, What parts? Why?
Method 502’s
BFG K02’s
Rallitek 1.2″ lift and springs (3inches total)
Lots of light bars and LEDs
Custom made 3/16th aluminum skid plate
Curt Tow Hitch
RallyArmor mud flap

April 27th: Next Meet & GAIA Training

On Saturday, April 27th, we will be hosting our next meet and GAIA training at Front Runner Outfitters. The meet will run from 10-12 and will include a detailed, GAIA 101 training held by Cody, AKA: Xpedition America.

instagram: Xpedition America

Cody is a 20-year Veteran with the United States Marine Corps with two combat deployments in in Iraq and Afghanistan. His position was in the point vehicle and lead navigator in his platoon. In addition to his service, Cody has instructed the the Mexican Marine Corps in in navigation and patrol. Today, you can follow Cody on Instagram as he leads people on adventures throughout the American Southwest. We are honored to have Cody leading the class.

We will also be raffling away prizes from GAIA. There is no cost to enter the raffle but you will need to wait till after training for the winners to be announced.

GAIA training will begin promptly at 1015am and conclude at 1130am with time for Q&A. Join us after the meet at Twisted Oak Tavern where you can enjoy a beer with Cody and friends.

If you do not currently have GAIA, you can purchase with a discount via Rigs & Coffee by clicking here. Let us know on Facebook if you’ll be attending.

RecCon Montana donated a pass to their event!

We will be giving it away!!!