Overland Critical Thinking

What to do when Sh*t hits the fan

The amazing feeling of being out on the trail; no people, no service, no noise. We all love it and it keeps us sane. However great those feelings are, there is always the thought at the back of our minds…what would I do if the worst were to happen? 

There is no denying that what we enjoy doesn’t have some level of danger associated with it. Our journeys take us to some of the most remote and inhospitable places around. The further we get from civilization, the better we feel, the freer we are. 


So, how do you reconcile with the danger to enjoy the expedition? Knowledge. 


That is why Rigs & Coffee have teamed up with Cody, Xpedition America,  to bring you a hands-on training course so you know what to do when things don’t go as planned. Join us at Front Runner Outfitters in Agoura Hills, CA on September 28th from 10-12 for this unique class. 

If you don’t know Cody, he is a USMC veteran with over 20 years of navigation experience. During his time as a Marine, Cody led vehicle navigation while riding point. In addition to being a US Marine, Cody trained the Mexican Marine Corps in navigation. Currently, Cody leads live overland based classes on Instagram and adventure trips through the American Southwest.


Learn more about Cody here – @xpeditionamerica

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