Rig Spotlight: Foxtrot_Sierra_Overland

A Soldier, a Veteran, and an appetite for adventure. Adam, Foxtrot_Sierra_Overland, has built his F-250 to be a full-size off-road and overland machine. It is a perfect match for Adam’s motto, “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” Join us in today’s Rig Spotlight, as we thank Adam for his service, and feature his F-250.

Instagram: @Foxtrot_Sierra_Overland

Why do I Overland?

Well, probably the same reason most people do. The excitement of an adventure. For me it isn’t just about the adventure, but also the prep work that goes into it. Planning routes, researching areas of interest and of course making sure the vehicle is equipped properly to not only tackle some of the obstacles it might encounter, but also making it reliable. Lastly, its because of the amazing people I have met throughout the overlanding community.

What drew me to vehicle based recreation?

I grew up in Saudi Arabia and I remember my dad taking the family on camping trips way out in the desert. We would load up our 4Runner with all our gear and head out into the middle-east desert hundreds of miles away from anything. That’s actually a kid where my dad taught me how to drive the 5-speed 4Runner. When I first heard about overlanding I immediately thought about those days in the desert. It also made me realize how many awesome places we have here in the states to explore.

Whats my background?

Well I joined the military out of high school and loved every minute of it. After getting out I had a hard time trying to figure out what I wanted to do and I found myself back overseas for work. I am currently working on my private helicopter rating when I am home on leave. 

Where am I from?

I was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and grew up there and in Riyadh until about the 3rd grade. From there we went to Arkansas, then Texas, then back to Prairie Grove, AR where I graduated from high school. I currently call Arkansas home.

Favorite trip or location?

I haven’t been on as many trips as I would like, but last leave the girlfriend and I went on a ten day trip out west. We went to Ouray, CO, Telluride, CO, Moab, UT, Zion and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It was an amazing trip. While in Moab we tackled the White Rim trail at times got a little sketchy in a 3/4 Diesel truck and some of the looks I got were priceless. The truck did amazing on the trail and I would recommend it to everyone. 

Most important thing I have learned?

I have learned so much since getting into overlanding. I’ve learned about gear, vehicle maintenance, recovery, stuff like that. But to me the most important thing I have learned is that it doesn’t matter what vehicle you drive or what gear you have, enjoying the the small things is what its about. Taking time to enjoy the experience and the people you are with. We are blessed to live in a country where we have the freedom to be able to do stuff like this and how much this country has to offer.

Tips for people just getting into Overlanding?

I think it is easy to get wrapped up in all the gear that is out there. Ill be the first to admit I’ve bought gear that I saw in magazines or youtube that I thought I had to have, and to my surprise, I rarely use. I think the best advice would be, just go out on an adventure. Even if it is down the road. The more you go out the more you will learn what you need and don’t need. Also, talk to people in the Overland community. Everyone has different experiences, vehicles, gear etc.


2009 F250 Crew Cab Lariat 4×4 – 6.4 Diesel

Why did I choose that rig?

Well I chose this rig because it is what I owned. I’ve had the truck for 8 years and she has been good to me. When I started thinking about building an overland vehicle, all I saw were you typical Land Cruisers, Wranglers, 4 Runners, etc. Nothing against all those awesome vehicles, I just wanted to build something a little different.

Build List/Parts?


Carli Suspension 4.5″ Pintop Kit (2.5 King Shocks) 
Carli Suspension replacement Deaver leafs 
Carli Suspension steering stabilizer 
Carli Suspension long travel airbags 
Carli Suspension fabricated radius arms 
Carli Suspension extended sway bar end links 
Carli Suspension front dif cover 
FireStone F3 wireless air compressor for airbags


RaceLine Defenders in Burnt Bronze 17×9 -12 offset
Toyo Open Country MTs 37/13.50-17


Vice Designs Lowpro front bumper
Warn Zeon Platinum 12-S winch
Baja Designs Squadron Pros white and Ambers 
Vice Designs custom rear bumper with rear swing out (Spare tire and Dual jerry can holder)
Vice Designs custom rock sliders


H&S BlackMax Tuner
S&B Cold air intake5”
FloPro Exhaust 

Roof rack/bed rack: 

Rhino rack Pioneer platform mounted on cabAluBox mounts and Rigid Industries 40” SR light bar  Bed rack is a Leitner Designs Active cargo System with 3 gear pods, Maxtraxs mounts and custom Pro Eagle jack mount.

I also have another Rhino rack Pioneer platform mounted on top of the bed rack. With Rigid Industries scene lights mounted to the racks (2 driver side, 2 rear, 2 passenger side)


Headlights have been retrofitted with Morimoto MLed projectors and painted to match by LightWerkz 
SPOD System with touchscreen and bluetooth 
Factor 55 UltraHook
ARB Twin air compressor mounted behind the back seat and plumbed to a 2 gallon air tank mounted under the bed
Decked system in bed 
Snomaster CL56D fridge mounted on Easy Slide drop down fridge slide 
National Luna portable battery pack also mounted on the fridge slide (with 31 group Odyssey) 
CVT Hardshell RTT 
AluCab 270 Degree Shadow awning 
Pro Eagle 3 Ton jack 
Custom built dash bezel with Soundman CA iPad slider kit (iPad in dash)
JL Audio stealth box in center console
Dual Odyssey batteries under the hood

Shout Out:
There are a lot of people that have helped me through this entire build and it wouldn’t have been possible without them. First off I want to thank my girlfriend who has been extremely supportive though all the boxes of parts arriving at the front door and the endless hours Ive spent out in the shop getting it set up. My buddy Josh who has installed or helped me install the majority of parts on the rig. Dude can install or fix anything. Another buddy of mine Ryan who is the parts manager at the local ford dealership. From letting me have a lot of parts delivered to him at work to finding parts for me. This build has been tricky at times, but thats what has made it so much fun. I am more than happy to help anyone who is interested in building a full-size overland rig.

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