Gear Review: Garmin InReach Explorer+

The Garmin InReach Explorer+ is a must-have for all of our off-the-grid adventures. It is a reliable satellite communicator with 100% pole-to-pole coverage and may very well save your life.

How We Use It

We have tested the InReach for well over a year now with nothing but outstanding results. The InReach has provided tracking from Southern California to the most rural locations in Iceland and even provided messaging capabilities at 40,000ft. above the Great Lakes.

The InReach pairs easily with your cell phone or tablet to provide an extremely accurate GPS location. You can use it’s built in navigation software, Earthmate, or pair it to our preferred mapping software, GAIA. In addition to providing GPS location services, the InReach allows you to message your loved ones back home and putting their hearts at ease. And, if the worst-case scenario should occur, the InReach SOS system can provide you with medical assistance or an air-lift to safety via GEOS, a 10-year long provider of Travel Safety Solutions.

– 100% Pole to Pole Coverage
– Easily pairs to other devices and software
– Reliable
– Long Battery Life
– SOS feature
– Various subscription options

– Price $449.99
– Doesn’t offer a full keyboard
– Earthmate Navigation is not up to par with other software


Even though Garmin’s InReach comes in at a hefty $450, the value and performance it delivers is incomparable. We can personally stand behind this product and will continue to recommend it to the Rigs & Coffee community. Put this product on your gear list, you won’t be disappointed.

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