Rig Spotlight: TRD of Holland

Jeremy went from a Mini Cooper to a Toyota Tacoma not knowing what he was getting himself into. He caught the bug and the result is a wickedly wild Rig and fabricating custom made Overland Trailers.

instagram: @TRDofHolland
website: www.newhollandoverland.com

Make/model of rig?

2017 Tacoma TRD Off-Road

Why did you choose that rig?

Honestly…It was an impulse buy! I drove a mini cooper before this and didnt have the complete intention of being an off-road enthusiast/overlanding enthusiast until I bought the truck and got caught by the “bug”. It kind of spiraled into what we see now fairly quickly after that.

Upgrades, what parts? why?

A lot of my driving occurs on the dunes (At silver lake sand dunes), so thats why I chose a 3″ king suspension mid-travel kit for the Tacoma. A perfect combination of a daily driver and a dune capable vehicle that can handle the riggers of sand driving.

In addition to the suspension I went with Method’s new 702 wheels with bead lock technology, since driving on the sand dunes requires low PSI this gives me the confidence that I wont pop a bead on the tires. Which are also the new BFGOODRICH KM3 285/75/17. The new KM3 tires are amazing! They will blow your mind! During a rock crawling trip recently to Badlands off-road park in Indiana, they helped me concur rock faces that I normally couldnt attempt and give an unbelievable amount of traction in the sand and the snow.

Another big part of my rig is the new C4 Hybrid bumper, this helps not only better my approach angles but gives me the opportunity to have a winch (Warn VR10S), and all the Baja Design lights you can dream of! I only run baja designs lights for their reliability, serviceability, and light output quality.

In the back of the rig on the truck bed is a custom designed and fabricated (by myself) bed rack system which allows me to mount all the specific recovery items, and lighting that I need during my off-road adventures.

Why do you overland? 

I overland to get away from the daily norm so that I can get a nice healthy refresh of adventure, discovery, and happiness! It may sound silly but the overlanding experience and building my Tacoma was a lifechanging experience for me. 

What drew you to vehicle based recreation?

Once I purchased my Tacoma I started to get notifications from other members on Instagram and Forums, etc. about what I was going to build my rig into (At the time I had no idea), but then a buddy of mine mentioned silver lake sand dunes, we went up one weekend and I was instantly hooked! I had to know more about off-roading and overlanding. From there I was fully commited.

What’s your background?

During my day job I am an Industrial Designer at a medical display company. When im not designing medical displays I am working towards building my own overland company called “New Holland Overland”, where we will be developing and manufacturing off-road trailers for the Midwest community. Check out www.newhollandoverland.com

Where are you from?

Grew up in Detroit and now reside in Holland, MI for the last 3 years.

Favorite trip or location?

Silver Lake Sand Dunes…Its a beautiful location to off-road and explore, and the sunsets are absolutely epic! My other location tied for first would be Manistee forest…its huge! I havent even made a dent in all the trails that you could explore throughout the forest.

Most important thing you have learned?

Bring a buddy when you overland or go wheeling! 

Tips for people just getting into Overlanding?

Leave no trace…its crucial for our parks, our forests, and our public lands that we leave no trace and give the best possible chance to keep these places open for overlanders and off-road enthusiasts.


2017 Tacoma TRD-Off Road 4x4King 2.5 EXT Suspension (Giving 3″ of lift) w/ compression adjusters

Total Chaos 

  • UCA
  • Alignment tabs
  • spindle gusset 
  • Coil Bucket Reinforcement brackets

Method 702’s Bronze (17″) Wheels
KM3 285/70/17 Tires

Custom Built Bedrack

  • ARB Awning
  • Plano Recovery Gear Case
  • KC Hilites chase lights
  • Rigid Chase light (third brake light)
  • Custom Yakima Cargo Basket
  • 30″ Axe
  • Shovel
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Yakima Sprocket Rocket Bike racks
  • Baja Designs S2 flood lights (x4)
  • Marker Lights

C4 Hybrid Bumper Full Tubing

  • Baja Designs lights (details below)
  • Warn VR10S Winch
  • Factor 55 Fairlead & Flatlink
  • Custom added dune flag mount

C4 Rock Sliders with filler plates

C4 Bumper frame Bracket

Baja Designs Lighting

  • Bumper
    • S8 30″ Light bar
    • 2 Squadron Sport Driving Combo Amber
    • 2 Squadron Sport Wide angle Amber
    • 2 S2’s Spots
    • KCHilites 30″ Light bar in upper grill
  • Ditch lights are Squadron Sports Driving Combo Clear

Blue Sea 12port Fuse System (Manages all of my lights and aftermarket accessories)

Expedition Essentials TPAM Mounting System

  • Holds Iphone
  • Holds Ipad
  • Holds handheld Ham Radio (Baofeng UV-5R)
  • Holds Ham Radio (Icom 2730A)

CB Radio

Backseat Molle Pack holds all recovery/medical/communications gear

TRD PRO Skid Plate
HPS Intake hose

TRD Cold air intake

Wrapped mirror caps

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