Rig Spotlight: TKM Adventures

TKM_Adventures is one of the few owners of a Patriot Camper in the US. If you have seen these campers, you need to check them out as they take off-road travel to another level. Check out TKM_Adventures and his build in this Rig Spotlight.

Instagram: @tkm_adventures

Make/model of rig?
2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad
2017 Patriot Campers X1GT

Upgrades, what parts? why?
Suspension is Icon stage 1 with Icon UCA’s. Pulling a trailer so I feel this is a good set up. Won’t be rock crawling or driving high speeds. 
Tires are Bfg’s KO2’s. They have a great reputation and so far they handle great on and off road. 
Roof rack is by prinsu designs. Since I felt I could accomplish all my needs with pretty much any rack out there I went with this one because it was half the cost and I feel it looks better on the Tacoma. 
Sliders with Kickouts are by Caliraised. Great price and serve their purpose. Grill is by 300 industries in Nevada. Wanted something different from a pro grill and I loved their designs.
Lots of options. Ditch lights are Element LED pods. They are strong and I love their low profile. Very reasonably priced. Side lights on the rack are from FCK Lightbars.
Currently running just a CB radio for coms. 

Trailer specs –
DO 35 fully articulating hitch. 36 gallon water tank. Dual propane tank holders. Electric brakes with hand brake. Dual air bag leveling system. Dual shock per independent A-arm suspension. Hot dip galvanized chassis. Alumnum body. Man cave has Webasto Deisel heating system for heating the tent and plumed sink and shower with timer. Also a bbq swingaway. Full kitchen with ARB 60 liter fridge and stereo. Red ARC battery management system with solar input. Dual AGM batteries. CS3 integrated tent with king size bed and kids room. Full wrap around awning. Rear tire swing away and hitch for bike rack. LED lighting throughout.
Also why did you choose that rig?
Always been a Toyota guy. This is my third truck. Started with a 2000 first gen. Put 250k miles on it and still ran like new. Had a Tundra but missed my Tacoma so went back. The Patriot Camper was a dream bucket list item. Wanted something that was built to last and provided me options. I love options. With this I can have any size truck. Pack all my gear and just unhook the trailer in the garage without having to unload anything. Also this provides me a base camp when I need one. Their reputation is unmatched.

Why do you overland? 

Not sure if Overlanding is what you call it but I’ve been camping for 20 years and just love the outdoors. Especially with family and friends. The camping industry really has evolved and I just love what it has become. 
What drew you to vehicle based recreation?The nostalgia of a remote destination. Staying at a campground is ok but really exploring the back country has no comparison. 

What’s your background?

Where are you from?
San Fernando Valley. Currently reside in Simi Valley. 

Favorite trip or location?
The Mammoth Lakes area holds a special place in my heart. So many great memories with family and friends. 

Most important thing you have learned?
Never be afraid to over prepare. I take my wife and kids with me so there is no such thing as over-prepared.

Tips for people just getting into Overlanding?
Don’t worry about what other people are using or what kind of rig they have. Ask questions. Inform yourself and make your own decision on what type of trips you want to do.  You don’t need a roof top tent or a Patriot Camper to get out there. We certainly didn’t start with one. Figure out what you want as you go. But no matter what you drive make sure you are prepared to make it home safely.

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